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Fujicoin-3.0 core wallet has been released


Fujicoin 3.0 core wallet has been released.
If you are using 2.0 core wallet please upgrade to 3.0.

Note: The transition to SegWit will be in the second stage after signaling is established.

Statistics: Posted by motty — 10 February, 2018, 08:19

electrum-FJC updated to version 2.9.5

A vulnerability was found in JSONRPC interface of Electrum and it was fixed.
Users using electrum-FJC-2.9.x should update.
In version 2.9.5, we also made it possible to reference prices in CoinMarketCap.

Statistics: Posted by motty — 17 January, 2018, 19:27

electrum-FJC was updated

electrum-FJC was updated to v 2.9.3 today.

· Added option to import BIP-39 (+ BIP-44) seed (mnemonic).
When creating a new wallet, an option to import BIP-39 (+ BIP-44) seed was added, not seed exclusive for electrum.
For example you can import a seed of Coinomi and create a wallet. Then, this wallet is synchronized with Coinomi.
If you send money to the new wallet from the electrum-FJC's main wallet, it will be immediately reflected in Coinomi in your smartphone.
· Fixed fujicoin URI bug.
Coinomi's RQ code reader now correctly scans the QR code of the charge created by electrum-FJC.

Statistics: Posted by motty — 07 September, 2017, 04:32

Fujicoin was added to Coinomi Wallet

Today, Fujicoin has been added to Coinomi Wallet.
Coinomi is an advanced and reliable wallet that is compatible with BIP-32 + BIP-44.
Currently only Android correspondence, but i-Phone version is released soon.
Plus windows, mac, linux versions are also planned. ... omi.wallet


Statistics: Posted by motty — 29 August, 2017, 18:20

Fujicoin Slack Forum has opened the Fujicoin Slack Forum.
Let's join!

Statistics: Posted by motty — 10 August, 2017, 05:24

electrum-FJC 1st release

We released electrum-FJC.

It has the same function as Electrum BTC 2.8.3 except that it can not be connected to the hardware wallet.
For the hardware wallet, we are waiting for support from each vendor.

Statistics: Posted by motty — 16 July, 2017, 09:32

MultiExplorer adopted Fujicoin

MultiExplorer adopted Fujicoin yesterday.
It is amazingly lightweight and safe wallet.
Please see the link below for details.


Statistics: Posted by motty — 20 June, 2017, 19:50

YoBit listed Fujicoin

Fujicoin was listed in YoBit Exchange today.


Statistics: Posted by motty — 01 June, 2017, 10:49

CoinGather listed FujiCoin

CoinGather listed FujiCoin.



Statistics: Posted by motty — 02 January, 2017, 07:51

Nova Exchange listed Fujicoin

Nova Exchange listed Fujicoin on May 2.

It's good exchange. Please use it. :)

Statistics: Posted by motty — 15 November, 2016, 19:53

FujiCoin has listed in Cryptopia Exchange


FujiCoin has listed in Cryptopia Exchange today.

Enjoy! ;)

Statistics: Posted by motty — 29 August, 2016, 08:37

The LA Mining Pool Was Certified has certified the LA Mining Pool.
As a result we've added the LA Mining Pool in bitcointalk and our official web site.
Fee is 1%. Please use this one.

NOMP Pool:

Statistics: Posted by motty — 07 November, 2015, 05:18

Bot Measures in FujiCoin User Forum

Since the bot comes to sign up frequently, we have applied the google reCaptcha 2.0. Measures effect is remarkable. The bot can no longer sign up.

Statistics: Posted by motty — 22 September, 2015, 21:57

Official Block Chain Explorer Update

We have updated the official block chain explorer. Insight is functioning perfectly now.

・ Version was updated from 0.2.11 to 0.2.18.
・ At the same time, the database of insight and the FujiCon block chain were refreshed.
・ German has been added.

Statistics: Posted by motty — 17 September, 2015, 12:34

Chinese Language Was Added to The Forum

We improved the FujiCoin user forum.

・The default design of the forum was changed to Lucid-Lime.
・Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese forum were added.

Statistics: Posted by motty — 15 September, 2015, 19:53